Liz & Dick

I've been waiting for the premiere of 'Liz & Dick' ever since they started filming the movie... It's kind of common knowledge that I have a love for everything vintage, it includes movies, clothes, & everything '60s... I loved the movie from the opening credits to the end! I would've loved to see it as a cinematic movie rather than a made-for-TV movie; but alas what's done is done. 
Lindsay Lohan dazzles and sparkles as Liz, that girl can pull off any look! I am a little biased to Lindsay because I am a fan & will always root for her. Grant Bowler played Richard to ultimate perfection! The voice alone deserves a standing ovation. The love/hate, on & off relationship was portrayed as one can imagine it would've been. They were the first 'it' couple of Hollywood; and the paparazzi ate them up from the first day to the last day of their courtship.

I would've loved to see more of their love of everything material, from the diamonds to the arts. I loved the Van Gogh that Liz bought Dick just to declare her love infront of Sybil, his wife... Their love was far from perfect but it worked, and as Lindsay or Liz said in the closing scene of the movie "I could feel that he really loved me... He just loved me."

Through the whole movie Lindsay's eye make up looks as divine as the '60s; not to mention her exquisite wardrobe... Each look portrays an era, a scene she played in her life... I feel that Liz lived her life like she acts in her movies, to the fullest! Of course the turbans play a supporting role in this movie; I have a passion for '60s turbans... I adore the gold cigarette holder, how chic?!
I say critics shmitics, who cares?! I love the movie. 


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