The Fabulous Style of Ekaterina Mukhina

Ekaterina Mukhina is a contributing stylist at Vogue Russia and a contributing editor at large of Vogue Ukraine. Her Style is eclectic, as if she raided the closets of numerous people and piled the clothes in utmost perfection. She dresses just like an artist paints a canvas, she communicates through her looks. She wears lots of Chanel, I'm literally dying for that leather Chanel jacket By the way. What I love about her, is that can dress her look up or down effortlessly. I am smitten.


  1. The last green look, brave. This woman has got it, and she knows how to play, not being afraid of the result. She is a perfectionist, it shows, but also relaxed enough to mix.

    love her.

    1. People assume that style and fashion go hand in hand. But few people have the gift of being fashionable and stylish in anything they wear.


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