André-isms a conversation with Rita Watnick at Lily et Cie

Andre Leon Tally sat down with Rita Watnick, founder and owner of the fabulous couture heaven Lily et Cie, for a fashion converstaion about everything vintage couture... Get ready for a fashion lecture from 2 masters of style...

An '82 Couture Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld! Enough said. This is class, this is the genius that is Karl. A long Cardigan dress, I dream of having this in my closet...

YSL couture has always intrigued me. So classy but not in a pretentious way. Andre's styling is just impeccable.

I am currently obsessed with Kaftans and anything Thea Porter. This past month I've seen 3 of her designs. I am loving the ethnic influence... The older I am, the more attached and proud to my roots I get.

The words Jane Birkin and marvelous just came to mind. This is a piece of art, even the noise is art.

YSL's 'le smoking' is a staple piece in any wardrobe. I love how current it looks. 
I would like to thank the model for being a chameleon, she played every part perfectly. 


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