BBC's Burton and Taylor

BBC's Burton and Taylor finally premiered on July 22nd, I have been counting the days to watch this movie. It's no secret that I am a fan of everything Richard and Elizabeth. The ill-fated love couple that loved each other to sickness, they were good together yet bad for each other... Helena Bonham Carter plays Liz, and Dominic West is Richard in all his glory. For all the fans, this movie is a treat. It gives us a peek at their lives during the early 80s. 50 year old Elizabeth and 57 year old Richard decide to do a play together "Private Lives" a paradoy to their lives together. 

The movie is interesting and what's more interesting is watching the two lead actors together... Though it is hard to play such loved and known characters, both showed some serious acting chops. At the begining of the movie I thought that Helena was Helena more than Liz, and the only Elizabeth element of her was the heavy eye make up. Even the way she walked was Helena! But half way through, she won me over with her fanatastic performance. Burton has a voice like no other, he's a man's man. Dominic, known for his amazing role on The Hour, in my opinion, did a fabulous job at portraying such a legend, even better than Helena. His fears, his obsession with Liz that nearly killed them both, his love of his craft, his passion to play King Lear... Watching the movie left me with a thought, that sometimes things that are often unsaid are the most dear to one's heart; and not everything we want, we need...


  1. This actress is the best choice they could make, can you imagine another woman playing this?? I don`t. I can't wait to see it!!

    Jana H.


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