Lindsay Lohan Opens Up to Oprah

I watched the interview yesterday... Lilo spilling her heart to America via Oprah. And I can assure you Oprah was not easy on her. She asked the hard questions and commented on her lifestyle even advised her not to take a vacation shortly after rehab.

Lilo looked Glamorous and chic yet trendy. She pulled her red hair in a ponytail focusing on soft makeup. Her orange Knit dress is by No 21 and shoes by Oscar de la Renta. I don't think she has a stylist for Lilo's style needs no guidance. She knows fashion! Her pale blue nail polish and green gemstone ring perfect the look giving it a contemporary edge. I will always root for the underdog and Lindsay in my eyes is NOT a has-been child star, she is a talented young actress that needs support in order to get her life in order...

I leave you with the highlights of the interview:

 Here's looking at you kid...


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