Ava Gardner Through The Eyes of Peter Evans

I finally finished reading 'Ava Gardner & Peter Evans: The Secret Conversations' and I'm smitten by Ava, the witty fiery woman. I say woman because there's no other way to describe such a creature. She embodied what a woman is... The book is basically Peter trying to snatch, more like pulling teeth at times, all the gossip about her life, husbands, lovers, EVERYTHING! Eva was, all through the process, concerned about the book, yes she needed the money as she told Peter: "I either write the book or sell the jewels, and I'm kinda sentimental about the jewels."  She also did not want the book to be a 'kiss & tell book'. You'll definitely know Eva as a person, her fears of loosing both her beauty and her 'grip' on men. You'll be exposed to everything from her humble beginnings to her first sexual experience with first husband Mickey Rooney. To her whirlwind romances with Howard Hughes and Frank Sinatra. You'll laugh with Ava, feel for Ava, but more importantly respect Ava. I loved the last few pages of the book where Peter's wife took the lead and wrote it after her husband died while writing the last chapter. She says that Peter called Ava to tell her that he hasn't heard from her in a while and jokingly said he didn't know whether she was dead or alive. Ava promised to send him a sign when she died. On the very afternoon she passed away, the promised sign was delivered. A two-hundred-year-old oak tree crashed through the roof of Peter's writing room! Fortunately, Peter was at the gym at the time.

I leave you with the image of a woman that changed Hollywood....


  1. There are very few women with such charisma and beauty. She really was unique, I heard she came from a rather poor environment, and that she started smoking when she was still a kid. She also loved Spain, incredible woman, ahead of her time, timeless and natural beauty.


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