The Return by karl Lagerfeld (Full Movie)

What a treat for fashion lovers across the globe! Geraldine Chaplin embodied the essence of Coco Chanel. I got goosebumps watching her work, watching her ache of loneliness; and I felt proud after her couture house soured to success after an initial cold welcome by the French. I loved the movie, even with its awkward silences and long never-ending dialogues. I loved Anna Mouglalis' part. The black dress she wore and that raspy voice of hers, tres chic, tres Chanel. I also adored Amanda Harlech, the eye makeup alone deserves its own movie! If I could travel in time, I'd go back to Coco's atelier to cut and sew tweed with her, to breathe the Chanel legacy, and to be part of her return...


  1. There are no words able to describe what Coco rapresents for everybody! :)

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