The Sound of Music Live, a Hit or a Miss?!

It's never easy to succeed as a remake, especially if the original is a cult classic. Last week I watched the behind the scenes special of The Sound of Music Live, imagine my surprise to have been totally ignorant and in the dark about such a big TV event. Carrie Underwood as Maria, and Stephen Moyer as Captain Von Trapp might look like a wining act, however, I was a little apprehensive... The behind the musical special made me fall in love with the Von Trapp children. So when the day came, I downloaded the 3-hour show and found myself enjoying it at times, and on the edge of my seat and uncomfortable at other times. To be frank, it was bland, lacking a spark, but enjoyable! I sang my heart out with every classic from 'These are a few of my favorite things' to 'Do-Re-Mi'... Kudos for the actress playing Liesl and for Laura Benandi and Christian Borle as Elsa Von Hottie and Max Detweiler.


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