The Short Story: Short Hair, Don't Care

Lara Bingle chopped off her famous blonde locks back in May, debuting the finished look to her followers on Instagram. Then the Buzz started, everyone and I mean everyone went bananas for that short bob.  
Celebrity hairstylist Travis Balcke of Valonz salon, who is responsible for Bingle's new look, said that the 'Lara look' is so popular simply because she wears it with so much confidence!
"We talked about the length we would like to go together. She's had her hair short in the past but not as short as we took it. I talked to her about how this look would make her face stronger and open up her face and neck area, making her look youthful, strong and modern." 
Bingle might not have invented the bob, but there's something about this lady that makes everything she does organically cool.
I blogged about the Lara bob, because I've been thinking of chopping my own hair... I want to donate it to a cancer charity. I believe that I need to do it as a rite of passage. All my adult life I've had long hair, the shortest I've been was shoulder length 3 years ago... I am officially stuck in a mane rut. Will I chop it? I'll keep you posted.


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