That Alexa Thang!

"I call them my Vivien Westwood Bondage Shoes, they’re sort of sexy, but they’re also really flat, so, they’re ugly and hot at the same time." - Alexa Chung

"Instagram will not mend your broken heart, despite your best efforts to post pictures of yourself looking ‘happy’. Every time you post a picture of yourself to Instagram looking fake happy a fairy dies. Fact. Also, scrolling through photos of girls your ex may or may not be shagging won’t help you. You need to remind yourself that the right filter can be fantastically flattering and she probably doesn’t look that good in real life." ― Alexa Chung, It

I suppose Alexa Chung is our modern day Jane Birkin. Her style is always on point. She knows that fashion shouldn't be taken seriously. This makes me like her even more -if that's even possible.


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