10 Things I loved about PFW

I loved Racil Chalhoub's line of beautifully tailored suits, her version of Yves Saint Laurent's Le Smoking is, without a doubt, the new 'it' item in every closet.

Hello face jewelery... I loved the concept, very oriental, ethereal, and now Givenchy!

The slingback shoes are back! Horay!!! I love them, I secretly want to own a little army of slings... They are classic, they suit everyone, and they are timeless. I also loved Elin Kilng's version of the trend with those out-of-this-world Prada shoes. I need them, yesterday.

Guess who's back? The Trunks are back. I have the classic one where I stash all my jewelery, but now I can own the metallic one while jet setting the world with my imaginary best friends.


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