EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Gemma Louise Deeks

Gemma Louise Deeks is a fashion and beauty editor at Harper's Bazaar Arabia, #DreamJob, #DreamLife, #DreamEverything! She's tall, beautiful, and has a face that would launch a thousand ships... Need I say more?! Exuding a vibe of nonchalant attitude, which I'm currently obsessed with, Gemma and her Instagram diary should be on everyone's style radar. Intrigued yet? Read on. 

Here's my exclusive with Miss Deeks:

F:Have you always had a passion for fashion? 
G:I was 16 when I decided that despite training with the Royal Ballet School for 6 years, I didn't want to pursue a career as a ballerina after all, and really had to think about what I wanted to do with my life. I remember one day thinking 'Oh well I quite like clothes', found a Fashion Course at my local college and never looked back.

F:If we got a sneak peak into your wardrobe, what would we find? 
G:Lots of monochrome! You won't find anything color in my wardrobe... That's not very 'me'. I'm pretty simple when it comes to dressing.

F:What morning routines are religious for you? 

G:I'm not a morning person at all and I always struggle getting out of bed. I set my alarm 30 minutes before I have to get out of the door, and that time usually involves waking up, washing my face and finding something to wear. I'll grab a coffee when I get to the office! 

F:What do you collect and why? 
G:Skulls! (not real ones, of course) It may sound morbid but I really like them - they're decorative and I'm not the girly type! My boyfriend bought me a beautiful one for one of my birthday's and potted a cactus in it.

F:What’s your detox and retox? 

G:I've never done a 'detox' in my life and don't intend to. I'm a sucker for pasta and pizza... Oh and cheese fondue.

F:What is your everyday uniform? 
G:I have to dress comfortably and I'm usually pretty androgynous. You'll often find me in boyfriend jeans, sneakers and a tee.

F:What is your biggest fashion indulgence for summer 2016? 
G:Ugly sandals! I just love them. Big chunky slides - so comfortable and just fab.

F:What is your signature dish in the kitchen? 
G:I'm vegetarian so I've mastered the art of veggie dishes (or so I like to think). My veggie bolognese, chilli and risotto is pretty great!

F:Where will you be summer 2016 spiritually, professionally, and physically? 
G:I'm not particularly spiritual. I'll most likely be working as the madness never tends to stop, but I hope to be able to take a break to both the UK & US, although I'm desperate to visit Santorini. Here's hoping...

Your Perfect weekend... eating amazing food, drinking amazing wine, and watching the sunset. There's nothing more perfect than that!

Lusting after right now...
everything on Net-A-Porter. Seriously, working in fashion is a constant struggle having designer goods dangled in front of your nose on a daily basis and online (window) shopping is such a tease.

Can’t live without... 'Me' time. Everyone needs those evenings to just do what you enjoy and not feeling guilty about it. I love nothing more than watching trashy TV and eating carbs.


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