The Jewel Thief Starring Dree Hemingway

"We wanted to work together on a project and when thinking about writing a piece for EV his natural charm, elegance, and wit inspired me to think of To Catch a Thief, a film I love," director Markus Greisshammer explains. "I wrote Jewel Thief to be a modern cinematic slice of a classic film and when EV suggested we work with Dree Hemingway, with her wonderfully modern beauty and poise, I was immediately thrilled and we all knew she'd be perfect as the woman to steal our thief's heart."

The short film, starring Dree Hemingway & EV Bousis, is styled to ultimate perfection thanks to Sofia Karvela whom robed her leading lady with a delicate Giambattista Valli silk dress, and her co-star with a custom tuxedo by Peter Dundas. The bracelet in question is by Ericson Beamon. With a fairy tale ending and a modern perspective, who can ask for more?!  


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