The Delons, Alain and Nathalie

Nathalie Delon is a French model and actress, better known as the former wife of Alain Delon and mother of his son, Anthony. During the 1960's Nathalie was one of the most beautiful women in France and dated both Eddie Fisher and Richard Burton after each of them divorced Elizabeth Taylor. We all know that Alain Delon's greatest love was Romy Schneider. After five years of passion, Alain broke it off by leaving Romy in an empty apartment, with a bouquet of roses and a note saying he's joining Nathalie in Mexico. After their separation, they remained good friends and even shared posters for several films. The death of Romy Schneider in 1982, was a terrible blow for Alain. Delon never really let go, in a most romantic gesture he showed a journalist the photos he kept of her in his wallet, years after her death. He freely admits she was the love of his life. It was too painful for Alain to attend her funeral, and so he privately paid his respects the next day. He also arranged for her son to be buried alongside her. In a memorial issue of Paris Match, he wrote: "You know, I learnt some German for you: Ich liebe dich, meine Liebe." Much later he said that her death at only 43, had at least frozen her beauty, saying: "It’s difficult to admit, but I wouldn’t have wanted to see her at 70. It’s better she went this way." 

Alain Delon quickly married Nathalie in 1964, at the age of 29. That same year, they had their son. Sadly, Their marriage only lasted four years. I truly think Alain liked to change women like a man changes his socks, constantly and vigorously. The couple divorced on the 14th of February 1969. Why you might ask? Well because  in 1968, during the shooting of Jeff, he met French actress Mireille Darc, and started a 15-year relationship, lasting until 1982. It has been reported that Mireille is the only woman who remained faithful to Alain Delon.
Delon met Nathalie while he was still formally engaged to Romy Schneider. Alain says that Nathalie was introduced  by his friend Prince Poniatowski. She came to France after a divorce and never left. However, Nathalie says that she met him accidentally at a nightclub. In May 1963, she was invited to go to Spain with Alain during the filming of La Tulipe Noire. He rented a luxurious villa in the suburbs of Madrid, but it was insufficient to escape from the reporters who heard rumors of his turbulent relationship with Romy. One day, a paparazzo invaded the villa and took a photo of Nathalie so Alain decided to take matters into his own hands. After a fight, Delon was taken to the police station handcuffed, but was quickly, released. 1963  became the worst year for Romy. Thanks to a still photo of a scene from La Tulipe Noire that appeared in all magazines. Alain sitting on a chair with a woman on his knee. She wanted to believe that it was a temporary whim. Romy knew that many women were fascinated by Alain, and he encouraged it. It was in Rome that Delon met Romy, were seemingly everything was dandy. They even exchanged telephone calls after Romy went to Hollywood. But a storm was brewing, an article declared  Alain's  engagement to  Nathalie. After that, George Beaume, Alain's friend, delivered a fairwell letter from Delon to Romy. The journalist, France Roche, Romy's friend announced the separation in France-Soir. He wrote that Alain had previously told her "Please listen carefully, it is an easy thing. Let's marry if we do not quarrel for three months." He might have said that because he knew that they always fought and so deep down he was not ready to marry her. I don't know if Alain was happy with Nathalie, but to father a child with a woman will bond you to her forever...

Alain Delon lived his life selfishly and for that he lost the only woman he loved, Romy, and the mother of his child, Nathalie. With that in mind, I leave you with Alain's quote about his life: "I keep saying that my life is behind me," he told La Vie éco in a rare interview. "Only the past has a strong taste for me. I’m accused of dwelling in the past, with reason. I do dwell in the past, I admit that."


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