Noor Al-Sabah is a Kuwaiti fashion icon... As a buyer, She travels the world looking for new designers and one of a kind pieces to be showcased in AlOthman boutique... She was chosen as one of Harper's Bazaar Arabia's best dressed of 2012... Her style is glamorous at times, girly and flirty at other times...She is truly an inspiration...

Here's my exclusive interview with the Fashion Guru...

F:When did you know that fashion was a part of your life?
N:I remember my whole childhood looking up to my Mother. I would remember hovering around her as she would get dressed for parties, choosing shoes that matched her dress and seeing her do her hair and make-up. I adored it all. I am also the youngest of 5 girls, so having all my sisters around with their personal style intrigued me and inspired me as well.

F:You are the head buyer and fashion director of AlOthman boutique in Kuwait, Is a buyer's job similar to a stylist's?
N:It is very different from a stylist's position. Though luckily, in Kuwait, our customers are so close to us, that they ask my opinion all the time about how to pair garments, and finish off their looks with accessories and beauty. I am always thrilled to help and advise them. So I do help some of our customers for fun sometimes. My position as a buyer is more to do with traveling and finding brands and selecting pieces for AlOthman.

F:You're fortunate enough to interact with designers 'tete-a-tete'... So tell us who's the most humble of them all?
N:I adore Roksanda Ilincic, and those who attended our Trunk Show earlier this year had the chance to meet her and see how very passionate and humble she is as a person. Allessadra Rich, Erdem, and Prabal Gurung are all extremely humble and very sweet people.

F:Have you ever thought of designing your own label?
N:I have always toyed with the thought. Though as of now, I am working on a side project with a friend of mine working on homeware, linens, and stationary. I haven’t gotten to clothing yet.

F:Would you want to open your own boutique?
N:I would love to one day. Though for now, I am very happy in AlOthman, and with all of our growth in the past years and much more going forward, I am learning a lot and I am very committed.

F:What are this season's must haves?
N:For Fall, I believe everyone must have a pair of fabulous gloves, a structured precious clutch, printed puffa, and some perfectly tailored colorful trousers.

F:If you were stranded in a deserted island, what 3 items of clothing would you take?
N:A large brimmed chic straw hat, a flowy off-white dress, and an amazingly colorful pair of strappy sandals to admire until I’m rescued.

F:Describe your personal style?
N:I truly don’t think I can define my style. I wear what I find beautiful, what suits me, and what fits with my mood. Though sometimes I go a little further if I want to evoke an era past.

F:Who are your favorite designers?
N:I adore Giambattista Valli, Zac Posen, and Roksanda Ilincic.

F:Who are your fashion icons? (you can list as many as you like)
N:Brigitte Bardot, Bianca Jagger, Iris Apfel, Diane Kruger, Cleopatra, Giovanna Battaglia.

F:What are your favorite cities? (list your favorite restaurants and shopping spots in each city)
N:London, I adore all their little vintage stores, markets, and quirky designers... They are the epitome of out of the box and fun fashion. I regularly eat at Roka, Jakobs, and the Engineer.
The Hamptons, I love getting lost in the sweet boutiques where you find amazing vintage, adorable homeware, and great headpieces. Nothing beats a proper clambake on the beach in candlelight there.
And New York, because the city energizes me so much. Their stores are incomparable and my favorite restaurant in the world is Blue Ribbon Sushi.

F:Describe your perfect day?
N:My perfect day would begin with yoga outdoors, then a big breakfast by the sea, followed by getting lost in a city I don’t know or going out on a boat, a casual lunch with my whole family, going for a walk with my French Bulldog, then getting dressed up and attending a long dinner with my closest friends.

F:List 3 items that are always present in your bag?
N:My perfume, a lipstick, and bobby pins for a quick updo if needed.

F:Blogs are very 'in' these days, do you follow any fashion blogs?
N:I am infatuated with blogs... I love how directly personal they are. It is so amazing to me that people can show off their style and their interests without even being a professional in the industry. I will always support them!

F:Could you take pictures of 2 of your favorite outfits, an everyday look and a night out look?



  1. Felwa, Thank you so so much for featuring me. I am so honored to have anyone recognize my work and my passion. Much Love.

  2. does Noor have her own blog?


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