EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Clara Lago Founder of Pitusa

Clara Lago is the founder of Pitusa,   a collection of beautifully crafted, transnational, high quality garments dedicated to comfort, coziness, and color. Pitusa is Known for the Inca Abayas which are the most modern kaftans I have ever seen, they are colorful, summery, and very Clara! Each Abaya contains a message of peace to the middle-east...
I've quickly fallen in love with Clara's work, every piece is wearable and very Ramadan appropriate... As so, I've decided to post this interview on the 1st day of Ramadan.

Here's my EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with the talented beauty...

F:When did you start Pitusa?
C:I launched a small collection in December 2010, but Pitusa really took off in May 2011.

F:Why did you choose Pitusa as the name of your brand?
C:My Dad’s nickname for me is Pitusa. In Spanish, it means “funny cute little girl”.

F:Were your parents in the fashion business at all? Are they artists in anyway?
Not at all, my father is an economist and my mother is a linguist, but both my grandmothers knitted and made all sorts of amazing things.

F:Pitusa has a lot of middle-eastern inspired kaftans or abayas as you've named them, which are very appealing for us as Arab women, were we your target audience or did you want to introduce a new and modern kaftan to the world?
C:Well, Pitusa specializes in cross-cultural fusion, hence “Inca Abaya”. The Middle Eastern Abaya inspired the design and the threading provided the Inca touch that so many Pitusa items have. However, most people refer to it as a kaftan. One of my best friends just moved to Jeddah so at her request, I will be making a real Abaya, but with a Pitusa twist. My target audience has always been women all over the world.

F:You use a lot of original fabrics like alpaca fur and wool, or recycled bubble wrap which is only used by Pitusa, Could you tell us more about your unique fabrics?
C:I really like alpaca fur and wool, one of Peru’s textile gems, so I thought it would be fun to use these fabrics. I also love pima cotton, so deliciously soft.
The Recycled Fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles (I have seen the process being done in the factory it is quite incredible), the process to make it also uses 50% less carbon footprint than a normal fabric. I thought the material was perfect for Trackies.

F:Tell us about Pitsua's '12/'13 collection, what new creations are in the making?
C:We are doing leggings, a cat suit, comfy pants, hoodies and an alpaca kimono; we are using lots of velvets and fun new fabrics, I’m excited!

F:10 years from now, what do you want your line to be known for?
C:Comfortable, colorful and well-made clothing, made from high-end fabrics.

F:Your line is Eco-friendly, were you always environmentally aware?
C:I do my part with recycling but I am not a green peace hippy or anything.
Pitusa is definitely a socially conscious line. I make sure that the clothing is being manufactured in good working conditions, in line with international human rights standards, and not being produced by 9-year-old girls that should be in school.

F:What tips would you give to an aspiring designer?
C:That designing is one thing and having a line is another, so I think designers should really see where their talent will be put best to use, that may not be having their own line. In a year, I probably spend as little as 10% or less of my time designing.

F:Describe your personal style?
C:I cannot classify my “style”. I just wear things I find interesting, fun, and comfortable.

F:What are your favorite cities? (list your favorite restaurants and shopping spots in each city)
C:Lima: The food is out of this world. The fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine is amazing, few people know that the Nobu chef and founder trained in Lima in a restaurant called “Matsuei”. Other top restaurants, (there are so many)  “La Mar” “Maido” “Panchita”. There are amazing markets for shopping all over Lima and there is a shopping mall called Larcomar that is on the sea, beautiful view.
Madrid: Top restaurants “Laredo” “El Lamdo “El pescador”… For shopping a street called Serrano
Istanbul: For shopping nisantasi, istinye park and for restaurants Gunaydin, Yuzevler, and Moulette
Ibiza: For shopping Ibiza Bagus (where Pitusa is stocked :) and for restaurants Amante, Km5, Novum, Aura…

F:Describe your perfect day?
C:Spending the day at the beach with my boyfriend, and having guacamole for lunch. 

F:List 3 items that are always present in your bag?
C:Cigarettes, a Pitusa postcard, and my phone.

F:Blogs are very 'in' these days, do you follow any fashion blogs?
C:Unfortunately, I don't but I am grateful for all those that have posted something about Pitusa. My friend in Peru just started a blog www.leblogdemaud.com and I know she has had over night success with it.

F:Are you thinking of opening your own boutique or are you satisfied with your online shop while stocking in most major cities?
C:Online is the best way to reach women all over the world, and being stock listed in as many countries as possible helps Pitusa’s visibility. I won't rule out having a Pitusa store franchise, eventually.

F:Could you take pictures of 2 of your favorite outfits, an everyday look and a night out look.

For more information, visit Pitusa's website:


  1. I love Pitusa , C Lago is talented and smart , her line is cool !


    1. She's amazing! An inspiration for us all.

  2. Cool, original clothes which marry boho chic with a timeless elegance. Amazing stuff!

  3. I really love the kaftans but it's a shame that they're so expensive, otherwise i would buy one in every colour!


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