Tara Emad is Miss Teen Egypt 2010, 1st runner up Miss Global Teen 2010, & Teen Queen of Africa 2010. She's currently a very successful model/actress. She was lately seen in the TV show 'Zay El Ward', where she played her part with hardly any make up, a first for Arabs... She has a face of an angel & a body of a super model!

I had the pleasure of getting an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with the fabulous Miss Tara Emad...

F:You're a fabulous model, your editorials are all wonderful, why don't you pursue modeling internationally?
T:That's very nice of you and thanks a lot!
I had an offer, when I was 15 years old, to make an international contract; but I had to forget about school then. So I had to choose my priority which, of course, was education. As a model, I've attended fashion shows and photo shoots in Tunisia, Brazil, Greece, and Germany; also I participated in Berlin's fashion week.

F:Which is easier, being a beauty queen, a model, or an actress?
T:Honestly none are easy, each has a responsibility and obligation that comes along with hard training and some sacrifices. But I love it all, and therefore, I see the bright side of it.

F:I loved your 'Shanghai Nights' editorial in Harper's Bazaar Arabia by Andrew Hobbs, How was it working with such an international talent?
T:It was amazing indeed working with Andrew! I myself loved the photo shoot and the outcome, as it's very different from what I have done before.

F:Describe your personal style?
T:I would say I am a laid back and simple type of person. I'd wear jeans, a shirt, ballerinas, some simple accessories, and I am ready to go! I tried many different styles and colors, yet I always find myself feeling comfortable in simple and earthy colors.

F:What do you want to accomplish 5 years from now?
T:Finish my university with a biotechnology degree, and become internationally known as an Egyptian model.

F:What's your modeling dream job?
T:To be the face of a worldwide known brand.

F:How do you maintain your figure?
T:I watch my diet, don't eat fast-food, and I train on a daily basis.

F:What's one beauty secret your mother taught you?
T:To freshen my face up with ice cubes after a long day of shooting with lots of make up on. It makes my face look fresh again. And at least once a week, I rinse my face with chamomile tea to help remove acne.

F:Your hair is so glossy and healthy, tell us your secret?
T:I recently started to use a home made honey mask which gave me amazing results, and I don't use hairspray on a daily basis, only if it's required for a shoot. I also put lots of conditioner at the tips of my hair after washing it to prevent it from breaking, it also helps comb my hair easily.

F:When your not busy modeling or acting, what are some of you favorite things to do?
T:I like to catch-up with my friends, go out, read a book, and play guitar.

F:How do you deal with all the traveling in your life? How do you cure jet-lags?
T:I love traveling! And I totally dislike jet-lags, but unfortunately there is no cure for that one yet! I just sleep it off, or stay up and sleep later; in order to accommodate myself with the new timing.

F:What are your favorite cities? (list your favorite restaurants and shopping spots in each city)
T:Berlin, Germany
Podgorica, Montenegro
Belgrade, Serbia
Dubai, UAE
And all of these cities have amazing shopping malls and different international restaurants! But of course I love it when I come back and eat our food.

F:Who are you fashion icons? (you can list as many as you want)
T:Naomi Campbell and Gisele Bundchen.

F:List 3 items that are always present in your bag?
T:coconut Vaseline,perfume, and a mirror.
F:Do you follow any fashion blog?
T:United Fashion for Peace, for which I am an ambassador of Egypt http://webzine.unitedfashionforpeace.com


  1. very nice to read about Tara in the 1st person!!!!! she is the best model in Egypt and one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen and known! happy to have worked with such a star and to have seen that lovely smile on an angel's face )))

  2. Thanks V.S., Tara is an amazing person inside and out!


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