Sofia Al Asfoor is luxury handbag designer from Bahrain, a rare breed to us Arabs. Her creations will definitely be competing with international brands. Her Classic shield will be the new sought-after 'IT' bag... The exotic shield is a dream to touch and a bigger dream to own, wink wink... Her brand can be found in Saks Fifth Avenue Bahrain & Dubai, it's also available in Kuwait's AlOthman.
On a personal note she's a very friendly and kind person. I genuinely wish her all the success she deserves...

The Classic Shield
Here's my EXCLUSIVE interview with the gorgeous Sofia:

F:When did you know that fashion was a part of your life?
S:I have always had an interest in fashion ever since I was a child, altering clothes and playing around with fabrics, sewing and creating... I started off painting during my school days in my free time. While growing up in Bahrain there were very little opportunities for creativity at my local high school, however, being from a creative background, my father is the Creator of Designer Shaik, I was always involved in fashion. It all started at University, while studying fashion's womenswear and textiles in IED Milan, then design and management in Parsons NYC, and last but not least Cordwainer's leather-goods accessories where I found my passion.

F:You design luxurious handbags, could you elaborate and tell us more about how you started your business?
S:During my year at the London College of Fashion where I was eating and dreaming my work, I decided then and there to return to the Middle East to pursue my passion in creating my brand; as the region has a lot of potential with an ever-increasing demand for fashion in the gulf.

F:Designing bags is a very competitive business, in a time were Birkins and kellys are everywhere, how did you excel at presenting your brand?
S:Being different, focusing on quality and luxury, offering products with the cultural values they embody; blending tradition with innovation as well as kindling dream and fantasy. This part of the world has always been dependent on European luxury for leather-goods and accessories, I'm constantly reaching for new opportunities whilst bridging the gap between the old and the new, so here's my chance to introduce my brand it into the region and beyond. My bags allow the consumer to enhance the statement of one's self with distinctiveness as an expression of their true sense of style and prestige status. The bags are designed to satisfy ones needs and made to exceed clients expectations with their quality, manufacturing, and premium leathers. Bold and courageous in color, they leave an indelible impression while embracing today's empowered women.

F:What inspires you?
S:My Father, Architecture, Photography, Art, Colors, and exploring the world.

F:10 years from now, what do you want your line to be known for?
S:To build an Arabian brand, strong and steady just like my bags, while showing my determination to take on the world.

F:Who are your favorite designers?
S:I don't have any in specific, I explore the old and the new.

F:What was the first handbag you ever owned?
S:A little Christian Dior speedy.

F:What are your favorite cities? (list your favorite restaurants and shopping spots in each city)
S:New York, you can explore the city for Hours and not get bored, Little Village and Soho, you can find wonderful boutiques and great cafes.
Rome, shopping by the Spanish steps and around the area you find great little shops down the side streets.

F:What do you do in your spare time?
S:Yoga and any sport activities.

F:List 3 items that are always present in your bag?
S:Phone, Ipad, and gum.

F:Blogs are very 'in' these days, do you follow any fashion blogs?
S:Yes, http://www.theoverdressed.com/ and confashions, instagram is also a great way for fashion blogging.

F:Are you thinking of opening your own boutique?
S:No, not in the near future.

F:Could you take pictures of 2 of your favorite outfits, an everyday look and a night out look

For more information visit: http://www.sofiaalasfoor.com/


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