Felwa's Wish List/These are a Few of My Favorite Things

This light yellow Chloe Jacket is to die for! The cut is perfect. I also love the fact that the hugeness of the jacket didn't swallow her. Miroslava looks classy yet on trend.

Though I'm disappointed that the legendary Yves Saint Laurent is now Saint Laurent Paris; I loved this cape/Arabian 'bisht' or abaya... I guess my infatuation with capes is still strong!

Those knee high Altuzarra shoes. I want! I want! I really really want!!! They would be perfect with anything & everything.

The Sergio Rossi Knee high avant-garde boots, were on my wish list months ago, ever since I saw them on Lian Kebudi. I would love to pair them with a chic black dress.

I know some people called the bag ridiculous, but come on, it's ridiculously cool! It's an investment that will be worth double or even triple it's price 10 years from now.

I want a Chanel suit sooner rather than later, and these 2 will certainly do! The black one is classic with a twist... The purple one has a color like no other, it's tres chic.

The first time I saw the Miro 2 Chanel bags, I was like, "Miro babes, we know you got the money to wear not one, but two Chanels at once!" Then I was like, "I likey."
It's a bold statement. I love bold, wink wink...

Every day I kick myself in the gut, for not buying this bag, 2 years ago from Chanel Dubai. Yes, It was so EXPENSIVE! But hey it's a freaking Chanel basket. Love the fact that it's very Jane Birkin.


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