Good Neighbor Sam

I recently watched "Good Neighbor Sam", and I loved it!!! The plot is very simple, but the whole movie is just a snow ball comedy that delivers and entertains.  The Bissells are a typical American couple in the 60s, the husband (Jack Lemmon) Sam is an ad man (very Mad Men), a boring naive wholesome creature. His wife's friend turns up 10 minutes through the movie and guess who she is? Romy Schneider or Janet in this movie. She is divorced and therefore can't claim her 15 million dollar inheritance without a husband, so naturally she borrows her best friend's husband! Then her ex-husband appears and poses as sam's wife's 'husband'.

The movie is a treat for the eyes, Romy's looks in the movie are all divine. Her faint voice, her accent, her style... She is just the best! I also loved the movie's music very festive and holiday appropriate. I totally recomend this movie during the holidays.


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