Postcards, A Mood Board of Fashion Weeks


  1. Some of the clothes really where special, very short mini's, which is great. I wonder how the new H&M brand "& Other Stories" will surprise us! However, runway models should always be able to play with and for the audience if they like doing it, that makes fashion even more "affordable", is it?
    Thanks for your great blog, I really know why it's on my blogroll.

    1. Jana Thanks for your support... I just peeked through your blog and i love it!

  2. Really?? OH, I'm so glad every time somebody tells me his or her honest opinion. I'm still learning but quite ambicious, I would love to be able to do so much more but I'm a single mum, and try to start all over again now. I'm willing to work hard, but blogging is not easy if you want to do well. I try my best, your blog is wondeful to me!!


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