Renata Kaveh is one of those photograhers that has an eye for everything beautiful, her editorials are like pieces of art, vivid, dynamic, and they actually make you think. Her work is published internationally, in New York, Paris, Canada, and Dubai. I became a fan of hers after I saw Caterina Minthe's wedding picture, I wanted to get married just to have such a picture! We are living in an instagram age where everyone considers themselves a photographer. Quelle horreur!!! Real artists are rare, and Renata is among those few gems...

I am so honored that I snatched a fantastic interview with the beautiful Renata:

F:What did you study in college and did it impact your career?  
R:I completed a mass communication Degree at Carleton, and although the academic material I studied may not have been directly related to what I do now, it has undoubtedly shaped the path I am on today. My most notable experiences include jazzing up library tables with fashion illustrations.

F:Who are the photographers that inspire you most? 
R:Guy Bourdin and Helmet Newton. They both have this remarkable capacity to mystify and provocate.  Released at Toronto's disconnect fashion film festival, "Rupture" was my homage to Bourdin.

F:What tips do you have for aspiring photographers? 
R:Don’t stop working. No matter the project, continue to push yourself and allow whatever it is you are reading, watching, smelling or tasting to run through your creative engine too. Take the time to sit and reflect on your creations. Find the recurring themes in your work. What are your strengths? Weaknesses? Don’t be afraid to evaluate yourself but don’t sit too long either. Take the bad with the good and move on to the next project!

F:Would you like to produce a coffee table book illustrating your journey in fashion photography?  

R:Definitely! Yes, an interactive pop-up book with lots of boobies. Lots!!!

F:What are you currently working on, and what do you have planned next?

R:I just got back from NYC shooting the latest Yumi Katsura Campaign. My next project is a top secret editorial for Filler Magazine.

F:Image is everything these days, If you don't educate yourself and evolve you'll find yourself out of date or old fashioned, What do you do to keep your style up to date?
F:My style is eclectic and afraid of commitment. My daily style is minimalist, sometimes androgynous. For industry functions and events, I like pairing classic with the contemporary or hard-edged, like a soft, silky number with a hard ankle-high peep toe pump.

F:Who are your fashion icons?  

R:Fran Lebowitz, Karl Lagerfeld, and Frida Kahlo.

F:What are your favorite cities? (list your favorite restaurants and shopping spots in each city)
R:New York satiates my voyeuristic appetite. There is great vintage at the Fort Green Flea,  where you can enjoy the world's greatest steak quesadilla on a home made tortilla while perusing 1960's cocktail rings and designer vintage hand bags. Paris appeals to my romantic sensibilities, you will invariably find me at Le Cercle or Hotel Costes. Shopping on the Champs- Elysees is a must. Last but not least Reykjavik, Iceland. Where Iceland lacks in gastronomy it makes up in its stunning landscape and incredible shopping. Geysir's artful wool capes and knits are a go-to for any arctic fashion hunter.

F:What do you do in your spare time? 

R:Travelling,drawing and poker.

F:Could you take 2 pictures of a casual look and a night out look.

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