EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Sleek Technique founders Victoria Marr & Flik Swan

Victoria Marr & Flik Swan are the founders of Sleek Technique, a one of a kind concept that brings the gym experience to your home. You have a choice of participating in ballet based online live classes, a private class, or on the go downloadable classes. It's as if these two have made it their mission to transform every body into 'sleek' shape. We are living a fast-paced life that doesn't always allow us time to take care of our bodies. Sleek Technique will give stay-at-home moms and working girls accessibility to 'the workout' routine without committing to a certain time or place. Flik promised me to get me in ballet dancer shape after I start the program... I CAN'T WAIT. This post is a dedication to all the fitness fanatics out there...

Here's the interview:

F:Your website introduces a one of a kind concept, to exercise and interact with an instructor live whether a few miles or continents away, how did this come about? 
Flik: We felt from the start with Sleek that we had created a highly effective, attainable series of conditioning workouts based on our dance training and experience so sharing it with as many women as possible was a priority for us. If you live in London or New York there are an abundance of fitness classes and studios to attend but outside of these areas, getting a professional ballet dancer and expert trainer to lead you through your workout would be impossible, especially if you're a rushed off your feet mum or busy career girl.

Victoria: Bringing Sleek live online was the perfect option. Being in your own home but still in a group environment with other women is such an awesome balance and what all our clients love most about us.

F:You two come from a ballet background, how did you two meet; and is it easier to build a business with someone rather than embark on the adventure alone?  
Flik: Vicky and I met at ballet school at 11 and trained side by side for the next 6 years. At 18 I won my first principal role in the revival of the Broadway hit A Chorus Line while Vicky was invited to join the renowned Birmingham Royal Ballet company. They were such exciting times and I clearly remember us being so proud of each other. A history like ours makes building a business together so much easier but it's not all lunches and chats by any means! You have to have an equally high work ethic and make lots of sacrifices along the way. But it really is so rewarding when a stranger tells us the great things they've heard about Sleek or when we see our clients transforming their bodies and gaining strength and confidence by each workout.

F:What do you do for motivation if you're feeling lazy and not in a mood for exercise?
Victoria: I'm lucky as getting motivated to exercise has always been incorporated into my job. As a ballerina I had a rigorous schedule of rehearsals and performances and now Flik and I both practice what we preach and do our Sleek classes full out with our clients. If I feel the need to do something on holiday then I'll jump on my bike.

Flik: I know I will always feel better after even 20 minutes of exercise even if at the time I don't feel like it. I focus on the after and how good I'll feel when its done.

F:If I want to change my body, as in have the perfect abs and bottom, how many times a week should I exercise via Sleek technique? 
Victoria: To really make big changes and reshape your body you should do a variety of Sleek workouts at least 4 times a week. We know women have busy lives so you can do a body productive Sleek class with us, motivating you through it, wherever you happen to be, in as little as 30 minutes from load up to shut down of your computer.

F:What does your everyday work out consist of?
Flik: Chances are Vicky and I will start the morning teaching one of our 30 minute Sprint classes, for example Barre Technique and finish the day with a 55 minute Full Ballet Body workout - sometimes both. That alone keeps our bodies lean and flexible and energy levels high. We're fortunate to have an amazing team of expert trainers too so on my days off from teaching classes I'll practice yoga.

F:What is your secret to a healthy life? 

Victoria: I always drink lots of water and keep active. I used to think I thrived on stress but too much is debilitating and has a direct effect on my productivity and well being.

Flik: I've been a vegetarian since I was 12 which has meant I've always been into foods that are now being hailed for their huge nutritional benefits. Things like coconut oil, afalfa beans, quinoa, lentils and such used to be laughed off as rabbit food but thankfully not any more.

F:Do you recommend juicing as an aid to achieve a slimmer and healthier body? 
Victoria: Juicing and detoxing has its place and can be great for giving your digestive system a clean out. But over doing it and starving your body of sufficient calories for prolonged periods is not good for you and will ultimately slow your metabolism. Drinking enough water in the day and eating a healthy diet is a better long term goal.

F:What are your favorite cities? (list your favorite restaurants and shopping spots in each city) 
Victoria: New York: (I could live there!) Favourite restaurant spot is Spice Market in the Meat Packing District and I love the quirky shops in Soho and Greenwich Village.

Flik: London: I've lived there for 17 years and it makes me feel invincible! Victoria and I often catch up with all things Sleek over dinner at Roka on Charlotte Street. I could spend a lot of time (and money) in Whole Foods and the flagship Zara store on Oxford Street is a no brainer.
Budapest: A glass of Champagne in the Corinthia Brasserie is divine.

What do you do in your spare time?
Flik: I love hanging out with my husband and my dog Ted, going for long walks or sharing a good bottle of wine over dinner. You may be surprised to hear that I'm a football fan too so going to see a game is often on the agenda.

Victoria: I love travelling. I was lucky enough to perform in some stunning theatres in incredible places when I was dancing with the company, from Japan to all over the US and beyond. I still love going away and exploring new territory, especially if there's sunshine involved.

F:List 3 items that are always present in your bag? 
Flik: Brume d'ete Fraicheur face and body mist by L'Occitane - great for an instant refresh. Lip balm - sore lips are rubbish! Christian Lacroix Papier Notebook - a present from my husband and glamourously invaluable for keeping me on top of my to do list!

Victoria: Makeup - I feel more confident and ready to face the day when I look my best. My iPhone - keeping up to date with bookings, class schedules and emails is more important than ever with Sleek. Hair pins - If I'm looking dishevelled by the end of the day I spruce on the go by whacking a few pins into a French Twist.

F:Could you 2 take pictures of 2 (each) of your favorite outfits, an everyday look and a night out look. 

Vicky (Left)

Silk Top and Jeans: Top Shop
Necklace: Bespoke
Flik (Right)
Jeans: TopShop
T Shirt: DKNY
Jacket: Vintage

Going out
Vicky (Left)

Bandeau Dress: Herve Leger
Shoes: Top Shop
Flik (Right)
Dress: H & M
Shoes: Zara

To Book a class visit: www.sleektechnique.com
*Note: All the pictured used in this post are from Sleek Technique's official website, or given to me by Victoria & Flik.


  1. It's true. My mom gave us very healthy food early on, and we had a garden where we could see everything growing. I also know what Ballet training is, Pilates is great too, and just keeping active at home if you don't want or can't go somewhere to excercice. I think today we have so many great workouts already on youtube, for example, there is no excuse!
    I'll have a look at what this ladys do for sure!

    Jana H

    1. Jana, ,my sister and I started the live classes and we are loving the feeling...


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