EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Valeria K of V's Dress Code

Valeria K of V's Dress Code, is a blogger who chronicles her daily outfits and inspirations in a chic and effortless way. She comes from a privileged family, she's a jet setter from birth, and she's literally living life in the fast lane! This interview is not like any I've done, not only does it give us access to the lady behind the blog, but it also simulates an A to Z guide to everything 'in' and trendy. Take notes ladies...

Here's the exclusive with the beautiful Valeria:

F:Who is Valeria K?
V:So I'm of a half Russian half Armenian origin but grew up in China, Beijing. My family moved there when I was 5. Then when I was 17 I left to study in Switzerland, Geneva and that's where I stayed, and am living currently now. Even though I don't know if you can call that living, since I'm constantly moving around the world but that's where I'm based in.

F:5 years from now, what do you want to be known for?
V:5 years from now? Wow, ahahaha, so many things... But to be realistic I really want my companies to succeed by that time and grow into something really important. Ideally I'd love to build my own empire of businesses and just continue growing and developing. If and when my two first projects are successful I'm hoping for it to be just the beginning of something bigger.

Valeria with Mario Testino at her brother's wedding earlier this year

F:Did you ever think of doing some kind of collaboration with a famous designer or photographer such as Mario Testino (a family friend, LUCKY you!).
V:Yes, I definitely wanted to do something in fashion especially when I was younger and maybe collaborate with one of the few amazing people I'm lucky to know, but I don't think that is something long term. I mean it would always be great to do something cool and exciting but I need to find some time and something that would actually be interesting. Now I'm just a little too focused on my own projects and their development. Maybe in a few years! ;)

F:Describe your personal style?
V:My personal style... You know, I've always found it so hard to describe myself because you are so used to what you like. I think I'm not much of a girly girl. I like more edgy things, something with character not something cute. This season, I'm loving everything structured, clean kind of strict or edgy and sort of aggressive, but I'm not someone who is restricted in my tastes with a very strict style pattern. I really enjoy new trends and new things and don't take fashion or anything in my life too seriously. For me fashion is a personal piece of happiness, a mood lifter and a must. I believe people should always look good, it changes everything! I love to see people well dressed and taken care of, to me someone who is well dressed feels so much more positive, so much more appealing, and gives such a better impression! Even if I don't necessarily like someone's style I don't care, thank God there are different personalities and individuals in this world, but I definitely think one needs to take care of himself/herself and it makes the world a happier and a more beautiful place. It is so much more pleasant to look at fashionable people. I don't know, it always lifts my mood up and I think anyone would rather look at beautiful things even if they are not in their taste than a sad "nothingness".

F:Your blog is one of my daily rituals, what inspired you to start it?
V:My blog... I'm so happy so many people are enjoying it and it's the biggest reward one could get. I actually started it out as a hobby. All my friends have always loved my style and everyone would call me up before most events and ask for styling advise. Eventually I realized people really appreciated my taste. And then more and more people started asking me to do a blog. At first, I was really skeptical, I had no idea how to even put one together. And then I went through with it and here it is! I kept on telling myself I will eventually work more on it and make it more elaborate, more beautiful. Then I get kind of lazy... Mostly because of work, it drains all my energy and even today it is very hard for me to keep up and post constantly. 

F:Whose closet would you most want to raid?
V:I think I would LOVE to raid Rihanna's closet, ahahha! I just LOVE her! I don't know why but I think sometimes she has some of the coolest outfits. And then I really appreciate Leandra's style from manreppeller. She is one of the rare people who's style I really find personal and super cool! Then there are a lot of many many others...
F:Busy as you are, you have an amazing figure, what do you do to stay in shape?

V:Keeping in shape... Thank God for Tracy Anderson and her metamorphosis DVDs, 2 years now! I try to be very constant and disciplined with my workouts. I might sometimes skip a day or two if I really haven't had any time and not enough sleep, but generally exercise is sacred for me. And of course being careful about food. I'm a hopeless perfectionist and most of the days I work out at 12 or even 1 am, because I don't have the time before but I still do it. Now it has even become my ritual and my personal time, where I get to enjoy my music and just be happy about working out and having a great body as a reward. It's not that hard. First year is hard, then it's a lifestyle.

F:Who are your fashion icons? 
V:Fashion Icons... I think I actually don't have any. Apart of people who's style I can really appreciate, I can't say I have an absolute fashion Icon. With me it varies from season to season. I don't really have one or a few people I can definitely always like. For me, it's a very "on the moment" thing. 

F:What are your favorite cities? (list your favorite restaurants and shopping spots in each city)
V:My favourite cities. My absolute favourite number one is Los Angeles. I've visited it two years ago, and fell in love the exact second I stepped out of the plane. The general ambience, the good weather, the mix of healthy calm modern lifestyle with the craziness of the city, the scenery, everything... It's amazing how in the US you have all this great personal trainers and healthy bio smoothies, juices, and salads. I mean you can really have a perfect lifestyle there. But for the moment I move mostly between Switzerland where my home is and China (where my parents are), and then all over Europe. Paris and London are my tops in Europe. I feel so alive in Paris, always in a great mood, always energetic. It is such a beautiful city and of course it has so much fashion! Every time I'm in Paris I eat at least once at l'Avenue restaurant which is always good and serves all day long. (perfect for me with my hectic schedule). Then of course L'entrecote in Saint Germain and Diep for the Chinese in the 8th. Hotel Costes for drinks and busy dinner. Also Pershing Hall is a cool spot, it's a trendy restaurant with lots of ambiance. Shopping is of course Montaigne Marker, Joseph and all the shops around St Honore area. And then London... I can't tell you all my favourite restaurants there. So many great sports. For trendy cool, I really like Novikov and Hakasan. For yummy Italian: Scallini, for Japanese: Zuma and for Russian: Marivana. Shopping is of course all the big departments like Harvey Nichols, Selfridge's and Harrods, again Joseph and Liberty's and many boutiques around Slone street or Mayfair.

F:What do you do in your spare time?
V:In my spare time, I either travel and spend a lot of time with my family and friends, or enjoy a good film or series. As much as I love to have fun and always have so many people over and parties, I also can't pass on a great evening at home on the sofa in front of Game of Thrones or with some magazines or a book. I'm a big believer that we only live once and must live to our biggest potentials and just always enjoy life, truly live it! Have fun, follow your craziest dreams or ideas, be positive! Stress less and just relax. Everyone is always stressed and super busy and even when pursuing their dreams are under so much pressure thinking they will be super successful in a couple of years and are doing it for the future, but they forget the present. But in the end, the present makes up our lives, and even if things are hard at the moment it doesn't mean people should stop being happy and forget living.

F:List 3 items that are always present in your bag?
V:Always in my bag: my wallet, my phone and disinfection. I'm a bit of a germaphobe.

F:Blogs are very 'in' these days, do you follow any fashion blogs?
V:Yes, of course. I have been lucky to meet some amazing bloggers, even here is Switzerland and follow most of my friends who have blogs. Then I try to keep up and check my favorites at least once a week. I find that I'm much less on my computer since the instagram takeover. Don't you think? It's instant and when you are in between meetings or have a moment you just automatically check your instagram. I think it has gained a lot of audience and lowered our blog obsession. At least me personally, I follow much more people on instagram than on their blogs. (manrepeller, thehautepursuit, karlascloset, sorayabakhtiar, kayture, missmassblog, the blondesalad and many many others). I don't check all of them constantly, some I do, and others I just check from time to time. I like to keep up, but there is not enough time if one wants to look through all of them!

F:Could you take pictures of 2 of your favorite outfits, an everyday look and a night out look?

NOTE: all the pictures, apart from the 3 exclusives, are from Valeria's blog.


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