Jeanne Damas, The Ultimate Parisian Girl

Paris finally answered our prayers and produced a new It girl... Jeanne Damas! At first glance, this Parisian girl resembles everything French, from her unruly bangs to her plump luscious lips, a modern Fran├žoise Hardy you might say... She has a fashion blog which is not pretentious, all pictures, most taken with a 90s camera, I know genius!!!!! She studies theater and ultimately wants to be an actress and maybe star in a Woody Allen comedy. The French obsession with everything Allen intrigues me, but that's a story for another post.
I stumbled upon her blog after watching a very funny and equally chic video called Rendez-vous & Other Stories. Plain and simple, the girl has CHARISMA.


  1. I immediately checked her blog and she started blogging in 2009!! Never heard about her, but I'm already following this girl on Instagram. Totally in love with her style!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page


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