Kendra's Fashion Challenge

"Dressing for New York

Guess what? I will be heading to New York in a few weeks with some friends. I cannot wait to see the sights, eat the wonderful food of New York, and do all those fun tourist things everyone is always talking about! However, as a mom of 3, I am not sure what to pack in regards to fashionable clothing. I have one evening in particular that I am going to need some help finding that perfect "New York" outfit. We have a fun night out planned where we will be eating and drinking at a dream New York hotel. Here is the challenge: I am calling it "Kendra's Fashion Challenge." I need help finding that perfect outfit for my night out in one of New York's beautiful hotels. Can you help me?

Let me tell you a little about my night out. My friends and I will be spending the evening at a luxurious New York hotel near Broadway. The restaurant will be packed with people going to Broadway shows and locals. The inside has exposed brick walls and makes guests feel like they are in an intimate bistro and bar somewhere in Europe. My friends and I will be wining and dining at the bar with signature cocktails, wine, champagne, and even caviar. Then we will head over to the formal dining area for an Italian dinner. It is a very nice restaurant, so I will be needing the appropriate outfit for not only a 5 star restaurant, but a 5 star restaurant in Manhattan. 

I received help putting my itinerary together from Gogobot and I couldn't be happier. After this amazing dinner experience, our itinerary is taking us to the night-club and lounge also in the New York Hotel. This rooftop bar is a beautiful area where you can see New York's skyline. As we drink a few more cocktails, we will be looking out over the city. We will be able to see hot spots of Manhattan like the Hudson River and Times Square. Now that you have a little better understanding of my evening out in New York, please help me in "Kendra's Fashion Challenge." What advice do you have for me as I get ready for the night of my life in New York?

So Kendra Thornton Has a fashion challenge for me... To construct a look for a night out in New York City. When in New York, dress like a New Yorker! A black ensemble is the way to go... I chose a black leather skirt by Balmain, a black top by Stella McCartney, a Gianvito Rossi shoes, and an out of this world Lanvin Clutch. To complete the look, add a dash of color with a red lipstick and gather those lovely locks in a bun.


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