David Hare's Skylight Revival on the West End

I think I watched a match of brutal comments, refreshing honesty, and romance on a whole new level... Skylight is real. Skylight is captivating... And its three stars, Carey Mulligan, Bill Nighy, & Mathew Beard; are just superb. In this revival, directed by Stephen Daldry, Nighy plays a rich restaurateur who seeks out his former lover, a teacher, Kyra Hollis, living in East London. She is played by Mulligan, and Tom Sergeant’s son Edward by Matthew Beard plays a vital rule in this complex situation. The conversations between the trio, in particular the great debate between Tom and Kyra in which their love for each other is tested by their different views of the world, make Skylight a captivating play.

Carey has magnetism and ease on stage that gives the audience a 'back stage pass' into her character's life... She even cooks spaghetti live! I shall never forget the smell of that ill-fated sauce. I was mesmerized by the wise jokes and the social class debate which consequentially my sister and I had similar talks only days before. I loved Kyra's lack of self-pity, her strength, and her '90s basic style.


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