I was first introduced to Aaron Feaver's website through my lovely sister. She harassed me day and night to check it out, vowing that it will surely take my breath away... And so it did! Aaron's photography can NOT be summed up in a few words. It has to be seen through not only the eyes, but the soul to really comprehend it. The LA based photographer is quickly making his mark on the fashion industry with his attention to detail, refreshing rawness, and captivating editorials.

Want to get to know Aaron?! Read on...
F:How did you know that photography was your calling?
A:I didn't, for a long time. I always liked playing with cameras and taking snapshots, but I didn't take photography seriously until about 4 years ago, when I started getting into other people's fashion photography and eventually started shooting my own.

F:Your pictures possess a rare unique take on one of the most, if not the most important, professions in fashion, sometimes they're raw other times they're playful & soulful at the same time, what inspires you and who are the photographers that you idolize?
A:Some of my favorite photographers are Serge Leblon, Viviane Sassen, Txema Yeste... I like that they all have a unique take on fashion pictures, which can be hard when every editorial in a magazine looks the same. My inspiration comes from them and other photographers, of course, but a lot of it is just aesthetics. Sometimes I just want to see what I can do with the camera and filters or different techniques. I'll have a look in mind and work towards creating it. A lot of it is trial and error, too... I might start with a certain look in mind and that completely changes once I actually start taking pictures. A lot of it, too, is about the clothes... Trying to make them look interesting or different.

F:Who is the one person, dead or alive, that you'd love to photograph and why?
A:Probably a musician from back in the day... Maybe Otis Redding or The Rolling Stones.

F:Living in this day and age were instagram is a constant companion, and to everyone's amazement everyone fancies themselves a photographer, how can you excel at your profession drawing attention to the fact that it is not an easy path.
A:Well I think anyone who sets off down this path will realize pretty quickly that it's not easy or glamorous. 90% of what I do has nothing to do with taking pictures, and it's stressful and annoying but you have to do it to be able to finally take those pictures. Lately I have been simplifying things once in a while... Doing shoots where it's just me and the model, and I really love that too. I can really focus on just taking pictures and there's only one other person to work with. On a big set, I'm always conscious of not wasting anyone's time or talent, so, for instance, I try to take some photos that make the hair look good, or the makeup. When it's just me and the model, I don't have to think about any of that. It's a refreshing change from the normal work that I do.

As far as setting yourself apart, I think it's just about taking as many pictures as possible and finding out where they take you and what your style is becoming. It's just practice.

F:Have you thought of collaberationg with other artists, photographers, or even bloggers? (wink wink)
A:I've done a couple of shoots where there was another photographer, and they can be fun. There's definitely an ego involved, though, where I don't want anyone to take better pictures than me, so I don't think I could do it all the time. On the other hand sometimes I work with videographers and it's helpful to see things from another person's point of view... They find different angles, and it makes me think about the shots I'm taking and try new things.

F:What do you do to recharge, and how do you spent your free time?
A:I don't need much to recharge. A cold beer, maybe a walk down to the beach. I don't have much free time, but I mostly just spend it with friends.

F:Describe your perfect day?
A:Get up at 7, walk to the coffee shop, go to the beach for a photoshoot that goes fantastically, get tacos and a beer, go out with friends and go to bed. Nothing too complicated.

F:What's on your playlist?
A:I'm listening to the Velvet Underground as I write this. "Oh Sweet Nothin"

For more information visit: www.aaronfeaver.com


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