If a Man Answers 1962

If a Man Answers is a sweet, silly and lighthearted romantic comedy featuring Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin. Sandra is Chantal Stacy, daughter of Boston businessman John Stacy (John Lund) and former Folies Bergere French burlesque dancer Germaine Stacy (Micheline Presle). Bobby Darin, is a fashion photographer Eugene Wright, who finds himself in the middle of a screwball that keeps on getting bigger and thicker. Needless to say, She marries him and attempts to 'train' him to be the perfect husband. Facile, non?!

The plot is silly at times, but it’s also original and entertaining. Sandra and Bobby add a touch all their own to this much loved genre. This doesn't suprise me especailly that they had a whirlwind romance that ended in them getting married. Sandra Dee was adorable in this role, but Bobby was perfection, I loved his personality and he did the movie justice by not being overly or forcibly funny. This movie made my day!

The movie featured a title theme song written and performed by Bobby Darin, which I simply adored...


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