July Obsessions

So I finally decided to blog about my obsessions this month...
I am in awe of the new Repossi Haute Jewelery collection Serti Sur Vide. I think that Gaia has raised the bar of modern jewelery design. It's no longer dull, it's flirty and playful and will catch the eyes of those new bees to the love of these bling pieces... “My idea was to surprise people and show them that a large stone can still look modern and not age the [wearer],” Repossi told Style.com

I think that I'm a conventional bride, maybe because we were raised on the idea that your wedding will only happen once... However, after I laid eyes on Elin Kling's wedding album, I can say, with all my heart, that I'm a changed woman! The simplicity in her Balenciaga dress, the courage to face her big day without a veil. Even her other Altuzarra dress is a minimalist's dream. I think I went overboard with posting the whole album, but I honestly couldn't resist.

I love Gizzi Erskine's bubbly personality, and the fact that she's a chef is just the icing on top of that cake! I love her classic sponge pudding and will be making it soon...


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