Najeeba Hayat's Liudmila, Footwear For The Modern Girl

Najeeba Hayat is a Kuwaiti girl with big dreams... She started a brand of beautifully crafted shoes after studying at the Ars Sutoria School in Milan. Her brand Liudmila is one to watch and collect... 
I fell in love with a dream, a dream that shoes can transform me from one story to the next. Perhaps I'll be Cinderella and wait for my prince charming, or better yet I'll be Liudmila and take matters into my own hands... or feet!
In an exclusive quote for C'est Ma Vie, the lovely Najeeba had this to say about her new venture:
"With my first collection, I wanted to create the shoes I always dreamed of as a little girl. I designed every component of my classic cartoon shoes with curving lines and delicate points. I custom-dyed leather to achieve the perfect matte cartoon colors from Peter Pan's Mermaid Lagoon. Nothing was comprised in my quest to achieve the fantasy!"
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