Feminism, Is It 'A La Mode' Yet?

"No one has ever turned to Paris fashion week in search of a clear feminist message. While it is extremely easy to defend fashion itself on a feminist level, the fashion industry, and in particular the fashion weeks, are about as feminist as a fruitcake. The only message that can be gleaned from Chanel's silly show is that feminism is currently trendy – and this is something that plenty of feminists don’t like.

Feminism is now – to the astonishment of anyone who loyally stuck with it when it was parodied as something for humorless sorts in boiler suits – fashionable. And so, of course, it has been commercialized."
Karl Lagerfeld's flimflam feminism won’t hurt the real thing, by Hadley Freeman

So ladies, Is feminism 'A La Mode' yet?
I find it hard to swallow that this movement is now just another thing to buy. You can't sell values. You can't preach what you don't have! In order to be part of such a movement, one must be intellectually open... intellectually ready to be part of something bigger than oneself... Don't get me wrong, I applaud Karl for thinking of that new thing that no one thought of doing, even though it was right there in front of everyone; however, I am saddened that women only want to be part of a silly childish Chanel revolution. I have to admit it, it looked like a ton of fun! I have never thought of myself as a feminist, maybe I am, maybe not. Whatever I am, I am a woman, I want things to be done my way, done RIGHT! Feminism is not a piece of cloth. It's a collection of words, books, ideas... It is timeless. Speaking of clothes, I think I will buy something from the collection, and wear it with pride, wear it and stride through the city of lights.


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