Kim Kardashian "Not Breaking the Internet" Shows Off an Hermes Bag By North West

While some parents would go crazy over their kid painting the walls in their house, that might not be the case when you're North West, even an Hermes purse is a plain canvas. Last Monday, Kim showed off her 34th birthday gift from husband Kanye West, an Hermes bag painted by their beloved daughter North. A close-up of the tote shows the random paint splatter on the body of the bag, with her tiny orange hand print. The colors the baby used were orange, blue, and yellow; a very classic palate. According to Kim, North's artwork is so good that she initially thought it was "a new artist" who painted her bag when she opened her gift. she told Us Weekly of the extravagant present. "[But] it was my daughter. It was amazing."

Customized Hermes bags seem to be a favorite Kanye gift, as he memorably gave her a hand-painted Hermes Birkin bag by artist George Condo for Christmas (no one can forget that one!).

Alas North has officially made her debut as an artist, for proud mommy Kim showed off her 17-month-old daughter’s colorful creations on Instagram.

"It was all painted really cool and then there was my computer and it said, ‘Press Play.’ I pressed play and my daughter was sitting outside painting the purse."

I have to ask: Can North make me one too? Doodle away baby North, may the artistic gods be with you... You see Kim you don't have to "break the internet" with your bare derriere, you can break it with a sweet message to all moms.
Dear mothers of the universe,
Give your children a chance. Encourage them to display their art! Then wear it proudly.


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