Claire Courtin Clarins, Heiress, Muse, and... French

Claire Courtin Clarins, one fourth of a Clarins dream team, her sister and 2 cousins, this French beauty has always caught my eye with her easy breezy approach to fashion. Like all French girls, she likes the bare skin look and sometimes accentuates her lips with a dark lip lacquer. She likes to be free with the way she dresses, and always mixes couture with high street pieces.
A few years ago, the Clairns girls started a beauty blog and posted videos about their skincare regime, in an attempt to try to make Clarins desirable to the young generation.
Ladies you have to peek through their videos if only to learn how to apply moisturizer, who knew I was doing it all wrong for oh so long!
Always a busy bee, Claire showcased her first-ever art exhibition Faces of Change the show featured collage portraits of world leaders and human rights activists ranging from Rosa Parks to Angelina Jolie to Bill Gates.
Style Icon, muse, Heiress, and now artist... This beautiful French lady has it all, and I personally can not wait to find out what the future holds for her.  


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