Pandora Sykes is a fashion journalist with pzazz. She's currently a fashion features editor at The Sunday Times Style and blogging, in her spare time, about everything from pop culture to travel and style. When I started my research on Pandora I fell upon her work and was instantly intrigued. I promise you, you will be infatuated with the way she writes and more importantly how she chooses her articles. I'm sure that her blonde ambition will soon get her places...

Read an exclusive interview with this beauty with a brain and wits for days...

F:When did you know that fashion was a part of your life? 
P:I've always loved clothes. I didn't necessarily see that as equating to a career in the fashion industry, though. I just loved writing and wanted to be a journalist since I was about 6 years old, so the two just merged at some point... I write about stuff other than fashion though too.

F:You juggle being both a fashion writer and a blogger; where do you see yourself in the business side of fashion or in the creative side and have you ever thought of being a fashion editor? 

P:I am actually a fashion editor - I edit fashion features for Sunday Times Style.  I'm happy to keep doing both; find the business side of fashion as interesting as the creative. Money makes the world go round... Etc!

F:5 years from now, where do you want to be job-wise as well as personally and spiritually? 
P:Job-wise, writing and hopefully working on some great projects. Personally, pretty happy with my lot. Hope it continues!

F:What was the best fashion advice you've ever gotten and who gave it to you?

P:I actually have no idea. I have never sought fashion advice, only ever advice about the Journalism industry as I am first and foremost a journalist.

F:What are your favorite cities? (list your favorite restaurants and shopping spots in each city) 

P:My favorite cities are Paris and Copenhagen, but not necessarily for the shopping. I do most of my shopping online as I am lazy and click happy! Plus the best stuff is sought out in the great abyss of the internet anyhow.

Paris - Chez Janou and Hotel Costes. Copenhagen - Granola and PS Bar & Grill. Acne Outlet too.

F:What do you do in your spare time? If you have any!
P:I read! I love having friends for dinner too.

F:What do you do to stay in shape? 
P:I don't and I should. I am trying to get   into reformer Pilates though to help my back. I'm the worst by far - so clumsy it's embarrassing.

F:List 3 items that are always present in your bag?
P:Always in handbag: Denman hairbrush, Mac concealer in NW20 and my Smythson pocket diary. Yet to graduate to an iCalendar. 

F:Do you follow any fashion blogs and have you ever thought of writing a book?
P:Yes I follow tons of them - helps a lot for my job as bloggers are often ahead of the trends. Camille over the rainbow, fashion me now, look de Pernille, manrepeller, the fashion eaters, 5 inch and up, always judging, life of Boheme.... I'm sure there are more I have forgotten.

For more information visit: www.pandorasykes.com


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