Is Couture Dead?! Or Are We Not Interested Anymore?

As I watched the Valentino Couture show, I was both puzzled and saddened by the way our culture demolished every ounce of dignity the fashion industry had to offer. Held at the Whitney museum in honor of the brand's fifth avenue flagship store, the collection was literally a breath of fresh air during the draby winter season. Light-as-air dresses and gowns of white chiffon, white lace, and white plissé organza... Everything was white, everything caught the eye, everything was modern, in essence, yet drew inspiration from the past. So Is couture cool yet? And more importantly, can we afford it? Apart from the 'New Money' army of jet-setters, who can afford practically anything! Yet, can they wear it as it should be worn in a French je- ne-sais-quoi-manner, worn as is, nothing less and nothing more. It was clear that New York’s white Christmas had come early this year. Has the curse of a mass produced world lifted, if only for the remaining few days of 2014. I will always be that girl, the one that feeds on luxury, because luxury is a way of life, it's the one I chose a long time ago. I just hope the rest of world take notice of the quality of life theirs might be lacking.


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