On My Mind

A scented candle... The Cire Trudon Giambatista Valli Positano is my latest crush. Scents remind me of the coziness of home, especially in the winter.

I love Violet Leith Clark's new magazine, trust me this bookish magazine will be your your go to bible for everything cool.


Lara Bingle has launched a new tanning line called The Base. I would love to be that free-spirited chick cruising on a yacht rocking the perfect tan, but I have a feeling that I can't do it as well as Miss Bingle. On her new adventure the Aussie beauty had this to say:
"I’m so excited to finally reveal The Base. So much hard work, passion and thought has gone into designing the range. My focus has been to offer the modern woman the best line of products to achieve a healthy, safe, glow; a look of vitality and well being, one that enhances their inner beauty."
It is after all, all about the base.


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