Sienna Miller Leads a Completely Normal Life. We Swear, A Vogue Short Film

She got wits to her that Sienna Miller. I absolutely adore her in this Vogue short film. First of all, the hair. We need to have a Sienna hair day! Secondly, She is a self-taught ballerina, yes she can stand on the tips of her feet. She only eats healthy, most of the times except for that mouth-watering brownie. And she's very understated, Don't be fooled by the bomber jacket, one huge earring, or name tote. 
I get British humor, I was raised on it, Absolutely Fabulous, Allo Allo, Little Britain, do you need me to carry on... After watching this, I demand that Sienna Miller makes a proper comedy, the classic screw ball 60s kind, she'd be a Yummy Mummy.


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