You've Got Mail, Cyber-Love Comes Alive

Last weekend, I watched You've Got Mail, it's amazing how this movie makes me want to live in a Christmas limbo for..EVER. It always makes my day meaningful, it's an annual classic that I can never let go of. I still find it hard to be in a Starbucks without hearing "Tall. Decaf. Cappuccino." without smirking. On a serious note, how come Kathleen Kelly hates Fox Books but gets her coffee at Starbucks rather than a local coffee shop? That has always bugged me.  However I find it obscenely irritating that the movie's scenario never happens to me, mind you I am not a bookshop owner, nor do I live in New York, but come on, I want to experience the romcom life... 

I want to...

I Want to Yell "That Caviar is a Garnish!"
I want to be Kathleen Kelly and say "that caviar is a garnish!" line. On anyone! Well, prefably on Joe Fox (F.O.X) I mean, it’s just sort of amazing. It’s just brilliant. Empowering.

I Want to Own a Bookstore and Write Children’s Books.
I’ve always loved bookstores. But then you see Meg Ryan owning a bookstore and it’s like on a whole new level. Her bookstore is so cute and everyone loves her AND it's a family business. The Nostalgia of the whole story is riveting. She has this tiny space working side by side with her friends... And then she starts writing children’s books! It’s like Kathleen Kelly reached inside my brain and stole my made up life I had for myself!
This movie was a modern update of a 1940 romantic comedy called The Shop Around the Corner, starring James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan. In the original, the shop was in Budapest and called Matuschek’s. Alfred (Stewart) and Klara (Margaret Sullavan) worked in the gift shop together and drove each other nuts, not realizing that they were actually secret pen pals who hoped to meet someday. In a nod to the original, Meg’s independent bookstore was named The Shop Around the Corner.

"All This Nothing Has Meant More to Me Than So Many Somethings"
I love this movie. They Hate Each Other At First sight, but Then Fall In Love slowly after they get to know each other. Throughout the movie you keep hoping they’ll get together. I just love how simple it all was, even though it was only in 1998. They both convince each other that it’s okay to have this online relationship because nothing happens, they just talk. But isn’t that what good romance is about? That connection that you have with someone else even just through a computer? It’s amazing. And then I just love that line of "all this nothing has meant more to me than so many... somethings." It’s just beautiful and a perfect summation of what is so good about this movie.

I've always dreamed that someone would describe me as Kathleen Kelly gets described: "Oh, no, she’s beautiful, but she's a pill."


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