Kelton Wright Couldn't Have Said It Better!

Sometimes It’s Okay to Not Follow Your Dreams! "Maybe it’s brave to quit your job to go paint in Peru for a year, but it’s also brave to work two jobs to help pay for your mom's medical bills. It's smart to stay at the law firm until your loans are paid off. It's OK to only tolerate your job but love your hobbies, because as soon as passions are turned into careers, you risk turning love into work. So you don't love your job — who gives a shit? Are you happy with yourself? Are you happy with the way you treat people? Are you happy with your life?" Kelton Wright -Anonymous Asked.

I am happy even though half my dreams probably will never come true. I am happy because life is about moments, and I've had a few of those, I've had my share of sorrows but those have only made me... Me.


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