Chloe Sevigny, The Coolest 40 Year Old Woman In The World

Hold the presses, there's a new Rizzoli book in town and it's written by THE CHLOE SEVIGNY! #INeedItNow Recently featured in British Vogue, Sevigny tackled a lot of subjects from her book to turning the big 4-0, "At first I wasn’t freaked out about it, then on my birthday I had a total meltdown. I don’t know if I feel so much the effects of turning 40, as I can visually see in the mirror that things are changing… Forty is a turning point, and with the baby pressure, it becomes a different thing. I wish maybe I had had a baby when I was younger."
Chloe Sevigny doesn't see herself as pretty per se, but she has an appeal.
"I'm not a classic beauty and I feel like this is inspiring for girls – you don’t have to be the perfect whatever," she told the magazine. "I do appreciate style – when someone makes an effort, or better still, when style appears effortless," she continued. "Anybody that shows a perspective is exciting to me."
She recognizes that her age does mean that some styles are heading into the sunset for her, but not many.
"I don't know that I should wear super high-cut denim shorts any more, but I do! My style hasn’t really changed with age."
Sevigny gets her fashion cues from different places than most of the wannabe models nowadays.
"I'm always inspired by Patti Smith. I see her around New York a lot. She does that tomboy look which I wish I could pull off. I’m a little more girly... She looks rolled out of bed and so cool. Marlene Dietrich is another one; she was impeccable."
In fact, when she is 80 years old, she pretty much knows how she will look...
"I see myself with really long, white hair. Hopefully I won’t be as body conscious, and be more kind of flowy, go back to the whole YSL thing I did when I was younger, but still putting in a bit of effort."


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