Iman Hasan is one of the coolest 'it' girls in the world. Her job takes her everywhere! She knows everyone, and everyone that has ever met her loves her! She's currently the fashion & lifestyle dirctor at The Workshop Collective. A former stylist, personal shopper, fashion editor, columnist; and with numerous collaborations with designers, it's a wonder how this pint-size superwoman lady extraordinaire has time for anything else.

Here's my EXCLUSIVE with the talented Miss Iman...

F:When did you know that fashion was a part of your life? 
I:When I was 18, I made a switch from my Law degree to Philosophy and got an internship at Brower lewis (which was one of the largest fashion PR agencies in London at the time). The Following summer, I worked at the prestigious Browns fashion on South Molton on street, in their Press and events office followed by Vogue house; by then I was sold! This was the career I wanted.

F:At one point, you juggled being an editorial stylist, a personal shopper, and a fashion writer; where do you see yourself more in the business side of fashion or in the creative side? 
I:I am definitely more creative. Which is why I tried out a few avenues. I love styling and would still do that for certain brands but more for fun. I have an MA in Journalism and love doing short style columns but my passions have always been in PR, and hence that's where I have ended up. 

F:You are constantly re-branding yourself, you had a fashion consultancy and you had faithful clients, but now you are a PR girl, head stylist of Bloomingdale's Dubai, and and style columnist for Harper's Bazaar Arabia... Would you ever want to follow the footsteps of Olivia Palermo or Rachel Zoe in Branding themselves and thriving at it… 
I:Absolutely! That's always been the long term goal.  I want to be a publicist as a long term goal but also be a "brand" and style icon as I grow. I want to work and collaborate with brands on a style front as well as representing them.

F:5 years from now, where do you want to be job-wise as well as personally and spiritually? 
I:I want to make partner at The Workshop Collective, where currently I am the Fashion and Lifestyle director. Having grown our business  globally and maybe even opening up an office for us in Dubai. I am very passionate about The Workshop and the culture. I really feel the middle east can benefit from a creative collective like ours. A one stop shop for PR, Marketing, Social Media Design and Branding. Currently we are in Miami and LA with our NYC client roaster growing.  On a personal level, I see myself settled with a couple of kids. I love little girls and hope I have a few mini mes...

F:What was the most precious life changing piece of advice you've ever gotten?
I:My mother always taught me to be grateful for everything and to be prepared for different stages that come into your life for different reasons. To learn from them and grow. Nothing good lasts forever, but neither does anything bad. I am a very happy person in general and nothing gets me down for long. I love life and that's something I learned from my mother. 

F:What inspires you? 
I:Hustlers! People who take chances and never give up!

F:What are your favorite cities? 
I:London, obviously as it's my home and who doesn't LOVE London! Miami where I have now ended up, Istanbul as it beautifully mixes culture & modern day living.  And LA, somewhere I head to a lot for work as our other office is there.

F:What do you do to relax and unwind after a hectic day, and most importantly how do you keep in shape?
I:I work out! I have a trainer and I try to practise Yoga regularly when I can. I am a big home body and love coming home after a long day at work to spend time with my puppy Kaito, Who's my newest addition! Dizzy and Truffles have been confiscated by my mother and she won't give them back!
F:List 3 items that are always present in your bag? 
I:My phone (I can't live without it), Dior lip gloss, and my diary, Oh and my wallet!

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