Miss Dahl is The Ultimate Domestic Goddess & Storyteller. Why? Becasue I Say So!

"Her mother’s bed is soft, and there are many layers of sheets, blankets and duvet. Through the window she sees the Thames moving in the dark, as through it has breath. Kitty presses herself between blanket and duvet. Next to the bed is a photograph of Marina, young and laughing, in the orchard at Hay, with Kitty gazing up at her and Sam and Violet crawling in muslin nappies, out of the frame. Kitty doesn't remember who took it, but she recalls the feeling of the sun on her face, and how her mother laughed when she told her she was going to build a tree house and live at Hay until she was very old, at least fifty-three.
"But what about your husband, little Magpie? And your babies?" Her mother said, stroking her hair out of her eyes. "What about what they want?"
"They're just going to have to like trees," Kitty had answered." Sophie Dahl, Playing with the Grown Ups p.251

Sophie grew up among storytellers. Her family influenced her in every way... I say the girl was born that way. She's such a special creature, her beauty transcends from within and shines through everything she touches.
My fascination with Miss Dahl started after watching her cooking show that accompanied the release of her book The Delicious Miss Dahl. My sister and I listened intensely to every word she said. The way she talked captivated us. Her words were musically written and spoken, without being prude or even intimidating. She talked about cheese with such passion, you'd think she's talking about a past lover. A couple of years ago, she started a website because she wanted an online filing system of her work, that will live on... It's her blog that keeps her hunched over in her bed at night, and me  wanting more. This weekend, I decided to make her Ricotta, Orange, and Salted Chocolate Cake, I'll keep you posted...


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