Carey Makes Me Believe in Love Again

American Vogue's May issue starring Carey Mulligan has one of the best, if not THE best editorial she ever shot. Every image steals a moment in time, a perfectly sewn story of love in all its glory. Love! Love in a cold climate, the pursuit of love, love amongst the ruins, love in a cashmere dream and rain boots. I haven't  seen Far From The Madding Crowd yet, however I can tell you that Carey and Mathias electrify the screen like magic thunder. I read the book ages ago and so I know that it's about a business woman, most likely the first of her kind in English literature, Thomas Hardy's Bathsheba Everdeen, and how she carved out her own path to love, with three suitors in hand, poor decisions in mind, and lots of wits and tears. Bathsheba grows up and realizes what she really wants in life... What she really wants is to be... independent.


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