Have you ever seen an Instagram Icon? If you have, then you'd be one of the few lucky people. If not, don't fret because I've found the ultimate social Icon. She posts fabulous snaps of herself, her out-of-this-world outfits, and her blog-worthy travels... Her name Dalia Nsouli and her game is fashion! She has more than 24 thousand followers who are invested in everything she has to say, if you don't believe me read the comments. I first fell upon her account while surfing through Instagram late at night. I almost kicked myself in the chins for being oblivious to her. 
Ladies I bring you the fabulous Miss Nsouli:

F:Have you always had a passion for fashion? 
D:Always, my parents called me Gypsy as a child, because I would dress myself from a really young age and I always came out looking like one. In most of my childhood picture, my outfits are loud and always clashing, and I guess I haven't changed much since then.

F:How does a corporate banker have so much style, you totally destroyed the image of the suited banker and humanized the corporate sector?
D:Well firstly, thank you so much for that compliment. I really loved fashion before I started working, so after I became a banker, it was more about incorporating the two, then letting go of one. So for example, I never wore a suit a day in my life; instead I work colorful pencil skirts with plain collared shirts. I did get a few HR warnings over the years, but I think they are used to me by now. I try to stay as true to myself as possible and I honestly believe you can have your own style in any profession you choose; I don't believe they have to be mutually exclusive. However, I still keep my work and social life separate, and have a bit of an alter-ego. My fashion sense is tuned down at work when compared to how I dress outside the workplace, as I am client facing, but it's still quite non-conventional.  Fashion is a hobby I nurture on the side and is part of who I am.  I think I would have been the same regardless of the profession I would have chosen to enter, because I think style is something you have from within. 

F:If you could work in fashion what would you want to do? 
D:If not a designer, then definitely a multi-brand fashion boutique owner which stocks emerging designers from all around the world. I love discovering new talents and promoting them; their pieces are so fresh and unique. Wearing such pieces almost guarantees you being different, because no one else would be wearing the same piece (for now). For me, that's the best part of traveling; I always make a point to meet up with new local designers.

F:Describe your personal style? 
D:I would like to say theatrical, loud, clashing, all over the place... But given where I live and my work, I can't always dress the way I would want to. When I travel, I'm most myself, and most free. On holiday, every day is a reason to get overdressed and that's precisely what I do. Central Park in heels? No problem! My husband's gotten used to it, although it took him a while. I don't have a single style, and try to explore all styles. I would definitely say I'm not girly, and so there's always a tomboy element in anything I'm wearing. 

F:When in doubt, what do you wear?
D:Black! Black on black anything always works. If I go out wearing a black tee and black jeans, it may just be as stylish as any of the fancier outfits I've worn. Also, I have a lot of plain colored loose dresses, which work with anything. Dresses are easy because they are one item and the entire outfit at the same time, so you don't have to mix or match anything with it if you don't want to. Although adding a belt or jacket can change the entire look of the dress; I like the versatility in that.

F:What morning routines are religious for you? 
D:Spending a good 10-15 minutes talking with my husband. We have very busy days, so the first and last 10 minutes of our days are spent catching up. And then there's moisturizing (my face) and coffee!

F:What do you collect and why? 
D:I wouldn't say I collect any 'one' thing, but the one thing I have most of is shoes. I love shoes, and it's the very first thing I notice on women and men. I think you can tell a lot about a person by their choice in shoes. Shoes are also my oldest collection; I've loved them from a young child and would spend every penny I've saved in allowances on them. Shoes are what I would ask for on every birthday and I think it's still the case.

F:What’s your detox and retox? 
D:Detox is family and traveling. Nothing else makes me feel so good. I don't live in the same city as my family, so seeing them every month or so is critical for me. Retox? Shopping. It's so cliché, but new pretty things make me feel better... OK! Then, like most girls, it goes out of hand, you overspend, you break into a sweat thinking what have you done, then get over it as soon as you see "What’s New" on Net-a-porter the following Monday.

F:Who is your muse and Why? 
D:Mira Duma, because she's ambitious and tiny like me! She's a successful working mother, determined and perfectly dressed all the time. I share her taste in everything she wears, and admire how effortless it all looks, which I'm sure it isn’t.

F:What is elegance for you? 
D:Elegance is being comfortable in your own skin and confident of the person you are while still being grounded. I totally believe elegance comes from within. I mean Princess Diana still looked elegant in her jeans and a white shirt, so it really isn’t about the material garments on your skin, but whats under it. Elegance is having confidence in yourself to speak your mind, and the words you choose in speaking them. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn't mean that all confident women are elegant, because elegance is a mannerism, which you either have or don't, regardless of how much money you have in the bank. Elegance is being real, is being thoughtful, thankful, grateful, and kind; and unfortunately you cant really buy any of these things at Harrods.

F:Image is everything these days, If you don't educate yourself and evolve you'll find yourself out of date or old fashioned, What do you do to keep your style up to date?
D:Totally agree, and that’s why I'm always connected, be it online and off. It couldn't be easier staying up-to-date on Instagram and  there's always the big monthly publications like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar which help a lot. Then there's the offline way, which is actual shopping and traveling; seeing what's in store, and what people are wearing in different cities. Its amazing how different trends can be in the same season, but in different cities, and this is something I find very educational.

F:What is your biggest fashion indulgence this summer? 
D:A mink and leather motor jacket from Fendi and half of Rossie Assoulin's SS15 collection. I won't be shopping again until SS18!

F:If we got a sneak peak into your wardrobe, what would we find? 
D:Shoes everywhere, in every closet and corner. I choose my shoes first when I want to dress up and then the outfit. I also have separate closets for each type of garment, so I have one just for 'bottoms' (skirts and jeans), one for dresses, one for jackets, capes and other outrageous finds, one for collared shirts, and one for tops. So it's relatively organized, but stuffed and on the verge of explosion. I love holding on to anything I buy because I know I can always reuse it in other seasons somehow.

F:What are your favorite cities? (list your favorite restaurants and shopping spots in each city): 
D:Lets start with Beirut, because its my home and there's no place like home! For such a small city, I honestly think it has the best restaurants per square foot than any other city in the world. One of my favorites is Casablanca—it's literally in a white house (Casa Blanca) facing the sea. Le Sushi Bar and Em Sharef are also amazing. My favorite boutique is Plum and Orient 499.
New York Citythe perfect city! Favorite restaurant is Waverly Inn and favorite shopping spot is Barneys, every floor is so incredibly curated and you can honestly wear every piece in there. Others include Five Story, Kirna Zabete, and all of Soho (all!).
London is where I studied and really found myself and style and so I have a soft spot for this mad city. My favorite restaurants in London are the Big Easy on King's Road, J Cheeky in Covent Garden and Mr. Chows in Knightsbride. My favorite place to shop is Portobello Market and Matches in Notting Hill, as well as Selfridges.
Bangkok- I love this city and its food. My favorite restaurant is Bolan for a new take on Thai classics and my favorite place to shop is Siam Discovery and Siam Square for the best in local Thai fashion.

F:List 3 items that are always present in your bag? 
D:Other then my iPhone(s), my MAC lipstick (Matte Velvet Teddy), my LV credit card holder/wallet which I nicked off my husband, and a paper and pen; my 'To Do' lists are still manual!

F:Do you follow any fashion blogs for inspiration? 
D:Not at all, I wish I did, but I honestly have no time during my day. When I do, the only blog I've ever visited is Man Repller and I love it. I still read magazines however, and get most of my inspiration from traveling and Instagram.

F:What's the best advice you've received that has kept you going and growing?
D:1."Don’t regret anything you can't fix." It's helped me accept certain faiths and actions, learn from them and grow.

2.Then there's also my mom's advice; she always said "You cant take your wealth to the grave, so enjoy what you have now." Then I do, then I overindulge and then I regret, and then I go back to Advice #1. My mom's the best.

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