Seinfeld's Elaine Benes, A 90s Style Icon & A Pop Culture Phenomenon

I've been re-watching Seinfeld this summer and you know what?! I'm currently obsessed with Elaine Benes, the sole female character of the show,  Quirky and confident, Elaine was will always be one of the most real characters on TV. Elaine's wardrobe of bohemian midi skirts, menswear-inspired layers, captured the decade's coolest trends in the most laid back and, as I mentioned before, real way.

Her subtle style is, in part, a credit to Julia Louis-Dreyfus's effortless portrayal of the character — Elaine’s feisty, sarcastic, and endlessly-charming personality needs no help, nor distraction, from too bold an outfit. Understated was the key!

Elaine's flowy, floral-print skirts, and her love affair with flats especially her beloved oxfords; shaped the style icon she became. The staple item in Elaine's signature style is, without question, the jacket. Blazers, jean jackets, or a vibrant vest, Elaine knows her way around the iconic layered look.

When the show ended, the actors took home parts of the set/props for memories. Do you know what Julia took? Her wardrobe!


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