Sherihan, Style Icon , Diva, & a Survivor

Sherihan is an Egyptian actress, born on the 9th of December 1964 to the Shalakani family. She was a talented child by nature. Her mother Awatef Hashem, who died in 1987, and her brother popular actor and guitarist Omar Khorshid, who died in 1981, both supported  her career in show business. Sherry (her nickname) has two sisters, Gihan, the widow of Fayez el Zomor, and Howaida, the wife of  film director Karim Dhiaa' Al Din.

At the tender age of 12, Sherihan starred in her first movie, 1977’s Ketta Ala Al-Nar. She played the grand-daughter of Farid Shawky and the niece of Pousy and Nour El Sherif. Even though she lived the glamorous life, she often paid the price... Like any style icon I've ever researched, tears and sorrows followed the beautiful diva wherever she went. In 1989, she had a serious car accident and it was feared she would be permanently paralyzed. She spent three years in a Parisian hospital recovering. 

She was thought to be romantically involved at the time with Alaa Mubarak– and that the Mubarak family had her thrown from the seventh story of an apartment building. Sherry denies both the relationship and the allegation that she was the victim of attempted murder. A few years later, in 1997 to be exact, she was accused of being the driver in a hit-and-run that killed young girl. Conveniently, however, Sherihan was able to provide an alibi because she was in London for medical treatment at the time and therefore, all charges in relation to the case were dropped. 

A few years later, Sherihan was diagnosed with cancer after a tumour formed on her face, which was removed with 17 hours of surgery. At that point, dazed and confused, She turned her back on everything and wore hijab. She only adopted it for a couple of years, she took it off without explaining her reasons...

She married a wealthy Jordanian businessman, Ala Al Khawaja, and they have two daughters, Loulwa and Taliya. 

Even though people want her to return to acting, her last movie was 2001’s Al-Eshk Wal-Damm,  she has set her mind on being remembered as a style icon of the 80s and 90s with her striking beauty and 'out there' outfits. I personally remember watching her 'fawazir' during Ramadan and dancing to every song she sang...
It took me ages to find decent pictures of Sherry, so I'm pleading to all her fans, make her a tribute tumblr page to archive all the rare pictures and GIFs. 


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