The Scandalous Lady W

Natalie Dormer plays Lady Seymour Worsley, the real-life 18th century character at the center of The Scandalous Lady W. As detailed in Lady Worsley’s Whim, the book by historian Hallie Rubenhold on which David Eldridge's screenplay is based, Lady W eloped with her husband’s best friend, Captain George Bisset, and that’s not even the real scandal in this raunchy drama. When Sir Richard Worsley decided to sue Bisset for a ruinous £20,000 in a fit of pique, Lady Worsley opted for a legal strategy which would save her lover from bankruptcy, but cost her reputation.

Light years ahead of her time, Lady Seymour was a feminist decades before the word had ever became part of our DNA.

As Lady W strode, head held high, away from her husband’s house, she was the ultimate feminist hero every one wants to root for.

The Scandalous Lady W is not your normal period drama... It's a fact-is-stranger-than-fiction true story of dishonorable men and a woman trying to survive.


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