Everyone Needs a Role Model

Patsy Stone is a brilliant satire on the aging bad girl. Patsy's character has some interesting things to say about getting older, and being a woman, not an easy task ladies... Of course, what comes out of her mouth is usually a representation of the worst expectations of women, a rebel at heart, she's promiscuous and proud, loud, abrasive, unemotional, shameless, has absolutely no mothering instinct, the list goes on and on... Long story short she's bad to the bone.

Patsy is the extreme of every washed-up celebrity stereotype, and it's beautiful to watch. Patsy is an ex-model, she hasn’t eaten since 1976!!!!, runs a fashion magazine; she is my dream boss, a mean fashion machine. I love Patsy for her outrageousness. Patsy is incredibly self-absorbed, cruel, and unapologetic; she's not my role model, however she totally would be if I wanted to be more bad than good which I totally would love to be!


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