EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with The Over Dressed, Sheikha Dana Al Khalifa

Sheikha Dana Al Khalifa might be the first Khlaeeji Royal blogger, however it was her love of fashion that caught my heart. A lawyer by profession and founder of The Over dressedDana  defines the new normal... She's a young girl boss! The beautiful Dana opened her heart to C'est Ma Vie, and gave us a little glimpse of her life...

F:Have you always had a passion for fashion?
D:I don’t know if it started as a passion for fashion or more as a passion for all things shiny! I was one of those little girls who absolutely adored anything sparkling, and my mother really enjoyed dressing my sister and I as kids, so we really got to indulge in our girly wear fantasies!

F:Describe your personal style?
D:Feminine, and a little inconvenient, but I am working on that!

F:When in doubt, what do you wear?
D:White shirt, no one ever looked terrible in a crisp white shirt and black tailored pants!

F:What morning routines are religious for you?
D:The morning is my quiet time, I get up early to savour the day by myself first for an hour between 6:15 and 7, then the world can come in.

F:What do you collect and why?
D:In terms of clothing I try to create a wardrobe that doesn’t require major spring cleaning from season to season, I try to buy forever clothes. Other things I collect are memories...

F:What’s your detox and retox?
D:Oh my god, my retox is definitely cheese all the best French and Italian varieties, fresh French crème Chantilly and the Italian crema pasticciera over a baked to perfection crostata with berries.

My detox is my everyday. Alkalising juices, nut milks, lots of green vegetables, green tea (never coffee), wholesome grains quinoa, buckwheat, brown rice and some very high quality proteins like fish, chicken and meat. That’s pretty much what I eat every day.

F:Who is your muse and Why?
D:Confident women are my muses. Women with stories to tell of empires they’ve built not while being ruthless and cut throat but by winning people over through intelligence and elegance. None of this TV show feminism appeals to me, I like the woman that turns the man’s head, silent, effective and charming. These women are more often than not dressed in the most understatedly elegant clothes, from Max Mara to Loro Piana, they don’t fashion. They do classic to perfection and all of their jewelry is antique Cartier, Bvlgari, JAR to name a few.

F:What is elegance for you?
D:Elegance is effortless confidence.

F:Image is everything these days, If you don't educate yourself and evolve you'll find yourself out of date or old fashioned, What do you do to keep your style up to date?
D:I buy nice shoes. If the shoe isn’t updated, then a classic look can look dated. But if you’re a person who does basics and go a little "over the edge" with shoes then you’re guaranteed a clean update!

F:What is your biggest fashion indulgence for this autumn?
D:I would say shoes again! I think I’m on my second pair at Chanel!
F:If we got a sneak peak into your wardrobe, what would we find?
D:Lots of evening dresses, I had an obsession when I was 24 and I thought that life was a series of events in which evening dresses are the dress code! Then I grew up! I still love my evening dresses but now you’ll find a lot of black pants and A LOT of white tops!

F:What are your favorite cities? (list your favorite restaurants and shopping spots in each city)
D:Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful cities I have visited, it is a treasure of efficiency!

Although Noma was closed for holidays when I visited, I ate in many really good restaurants the food is incredibly fresh. One of my favorite places that I visited every single day was Royal Copenhagen!

Seoul, what a city and the food was the best I ever had in my life!

Paris, a city that beautiful deserves to be on this list, non? One of my favorite restaurants in Paris is called Hanoi in Bastille, and as cliché as it sounds, I will always love Flore.

F:List 3 items that are always present in your bag?
D:My wallet, hair ties, and lipstick.

F:Blogs are very 'in' these days, do you follow any fashion blogs?
D:I love Nicole Warne, she is so elegant!

For more information visit: www.theoverdressed.com


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